Music Generation – Week 3

This week Jennifer’s ukulele lesson is Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid with lots in there for beginner to advanced ukulele players.

We have attached the music parts and they are also available for players to download them in the video description box too. 

We’ve also included a new play-along ukulele video for Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with our other ukulele tutor John Mullins. There is a link to a tutorial in the description box if they need some help with chords and strumming patterns.

Jennifer – Under the Sea Ukulele at Home Lesson 3

Sheet music for Under The Sea:

Under The Sea – Ukulele Part 1

Under The Sea – Ukulele part 2

Under The Sea – Chord Part

Under The Sea Full Score

Video for Under The Sea:


Extra Video!

Hallelujah Play Along


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