Here are a few reflections from Antoinette Dilworth rsj Diocesan Advisor that may be of some help to you during these difficult Covid-19 times.

Click here to enjoy some prayers online: 



God of Resurrection

Be our companion throughout each day.
Encircle us with the splendour of your light.
Let nothing disturb us or take away our peace.
Open our eyes to recognise the many blessings in our lives
and all the possibilities that await us in every moment.
May this simple prayer be true in our lives today. 



Litany of Hope

We believe in God,
the one who reveals new life when all seems dead.
We believe in Jesus Christ
whose message reassures us of God’s intimate love for each one of us.
We believe in the Holy Spirit
Whose power frees us from unnecessary worry and anxiety
and enables us to address the needs that are confronting us.
We believe in the resurrection
that empowers us to face the challenges that we face as teachers.


Risen Lord

Raise up our neglected gratitude.
Entice our tired enthusiasm.
Give life to our faltering relationships.
Impact heartiness in our work.
Rejuvenate us, invigorate us and inspire our creativity
as we renew our commitment to the many tasks
we have under-take each day. 



Living God,
Giver of life,
Heart of life,
Breath of life,
Sustainer of life,
Protector of life,           
Bless us now and always.


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