Every child can learn basic water safety skills

In Ireland, thirty children aged fourteen and under drowned in ten years. That’s the equivalent of an entire classroom. By encouraging school children to bemore conscious about water safety we can change that statistic for good.

Water Safety Ireland has created a fantastic educational resource for primary school children called PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety). PAWS outlines life-saving guidelines for children of every age and is available digitally to every school in the country.

PAWS teaches children how to be safe around water in homes, farms, pools, beaches and on our waterways, and is written and designed for different age groups.

With beautiful illustrations, a wealth of tips and advice, and all sorts of interactive games and puzzles to reinforce lessons learned, PAWS incorporates all aspects of the physical education aquatics strand of the primary school curriculum.

You can access Water Safety Ireland’s PAWS programme now by visiting www.watersafety.ie