Parent Association

Light of Christ Parents’ Association 

The Parents’ Association (PA) is a structure through which parents in a school can work together for the best possible outcomes for their children. The PA works closely with the Principal, Staff and the Board of Management, to build an effective partnership between the home and school.

As soon as your child becomes a pupil of the school you are a member of the PA.

It is important that all parents get involved and work together to achieve common goals for further education for all of our children. Educational research on the involvement of parents in schools shows that children achieve higher levels when parents and teachers work together.

The Parents’ Association also:

  • Organise family-friendly events to raise funds which will benefit the girls.
  • Is a support network for parents in the school.

Upcoming Events:

At Light of Christ NS, the Parents’ Association organises a number of events throughout the year both to fundraise for the school and to provide a forum for parents to meet each other. Please see the Parents Association section under the heading “EVENTS”, for regular updates.

Light of Christ NS & Killea Boys NS Parents’ Associations:

As the two schools in Dunmore East work towards amalgamation, the two PA committees are also working together. All PA events are now joint events with funds being split equally to be spent as each school requires. Many of the members of our committee, below, are also members of the KBNS PA committee.

Light of Christ NS Parents’ Association Committee Members: 2019-2020 School Year: 

  • Chairperson  –  Jayné Cahill
  • Secretary  –       Niamh Maguire
  • Treasurer  –       Christine Rossiter  
  • Parents Nominee – Sandra Lyons
  • Parents Nominee – Paul Campbell  

Committee Members:

  • Stephanie Buckley
  • Grainne MacCann
  • Lorraine Cosgrave
  • Gillian Kirwan
  • Lorraine Mackay
  • Hazel O’Shea
  • Jeanette Power
  • Joy Rooney